Why Us?

Chasing quarterly profit targets and “spreadsheet selling” like the big boys do doesn’t really put customer needs first, does it? This traditional approach, used by many IT partners, has failed to evolve in-line with customer needs, but we want to put that right . Being privately-owned and unencumbered means we can focus on doing what sets our clients up for success today, tomorrow and the day after that.





By listening hard, caring fiercely, and taking a decidedly ‘un-big’ approach, we can give our customers an independent and objective view – and we’re proud to say we’re great at what we do.

That confidence comes from a level of pedigree and experience you’d be hard pushed to find from anyone else.

Maple’s consultants have incredible knowledge and align the business benefits of the solution perfectly.

Project Manager, International food group

As a team of dedicated, experienced individuals we take a no-nonsense approach, which means our customers know they’ll get both the stability and capability needed to deliver what they’re asking for. We want to measure the length of our relationships in decades, not months, which is why we focus on making our customer’s lives easier and better for the long term.

All Maple’s services are ISO27001, ISO14001, and ISO9001 accredited and we are also Cyber Essentials accredited, to give you extra peace of mind.

So what does that mean for you?

We could talk about world-class, bleeding-edge solutions like everyone else. But we’re not everybody else now, are we?

What we do is quite simple, really:

  • We free your people. We take all those people you’ve currently got staring at flashing lights, free them from their mundane tasks and crank up your collective ability to add real value to your business.
  • We change perceptions. We help you and your IT department be an enabler – helping your business leverage technology to speed up projects and achieve more.
  • We improve your day. We remove stress for you and reduce the pressure on your team today and for tomorrow.
  • We make you look good. We help you “keep the lights on” and innovate for the future at the same time.
  • We remove “The Fear”. We eliminate that horrible feeling you get in your stomach when you’re called in front of the board to explain why the business can’t meet its growth goals. (Because we build solutions that are operationally and commercially robust and can be relied on to support the digital strategy, not because we’ve got some secret stomach tablets).

[Maple have] given us comprehensive documentation which is easy to follow and compliments our processes perfectly..

Head of IT, International food group

How do we do all this, we hear you ask?

By delivering data, security, analytics and cloud solutions that are easy to implement, cost-effective and, most importantly, work for you.

We said it was simple, didn’t we?

Maple are able to be exceptionally commercially astute compared to established providers, enabling us to extend our budget alongside delivering a solution that exceeded our requirements.

ICT Project Manager, Large Integrated Care Trust

Let us help with your data, security, cloud and analytics challenges