Backup is no longer just a nice-to-have

With the number of cyber-attacks continuing to rise and their sophistication growing, appropriate, reliable and robust backup is, more than ever, a necessity, not just a “nice to have”. Combine this setting with increasingly complex IT infrastructure, and the thought of updating or defining a comprehensive backup strategy can be overwhelming.

Most organisations have on-premises and cloud to consider, so one size might not ‘fit all’. With a multitude of solutions to choose from, it can be difficult knowing where to even start. Plus, your IT team are unlikely to be backup experts, and have loads of other things to be getting on with, so are probably not best placed to deal with it. 

But what if you didn’t have to open that particular can of worms? What if you could find an expert to worry about it for you? The good news is, you can – and it’s more affordable than you might think! 

Why Backup as a service (BaaS) ?

Our BaaS offering has been designed around protecting your organisation’s data in a secure, immutable, and cost-effective way, with simplicity at its heart. Our team will become an extension of yours, taking away the headache of implementing and managing an effective backup and data protection strategy. 

You’ll be able to define your own Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) requirements – it’s your data after all, so you decide how often it needs to be protected and how quickly you need it back. 

With BaaS, you won’t:

  • need to source the specialist software to perform the backup or the hardware to store the backups on
  • have to pay for storage you don’t need
  • have the overhead of managing the process or regularly testing that it works and aligns to your data protection policy
  • need to worry about compliance

 But you can still:

  • recover effectively from a cyber-attack if you need to
  • be confident that your backups are in the right place for the right amount of time
  • free your team up to concentrate on more important, value-adding tasks
  • save money on software and hardware purchases and licensing

As well as all that, your backups will be kept offsite, creating an air gap between them and your production environment, which is crucial for ransomware protection. AND they will be stored in a dedicated tenancy, so you know that only Maple and your team have access to restore your data.

Optional BaaS for M365

With the increased adoption of M365, it’s important to remember that Microsoft operate a shared responsibility model. That means they don’t provide backup as part of the suite. So, it’s only right that Maple provide protection for that too, so we offer optional M365 backup across Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams data. Get more details on BaaS for M365

Rapid on-boarding

You can be up and running in a few days as we won’t need months of professional services to get you ready

24×7 support

Take the pressure off your internal team and provide that extra coverage

Custom portal

Full access and transparency for you and your team on requests, incidents, and changes, as well as customisable reporting, which we’ll help you set up

Proactive upgrades

Don’t get left behind, let us take care of upgrades to ensure your systems are patched and up-to-date to protect against vulnerabilities

Escalation paths

Take advantage of our knowledge, experience and network of contacts within the key vendors in your infrastructure stack

Flexible deployment

Available as an add-on to other solutions we’re working on with you, or as a standalone service that moulds around your existing solutions and evolves with you

Competitive commercials

We can deliver all this in a commercially competitive way by leveraging both highly skilled technical consultants with backgrounds in multiple sectors and market leading AI-based toolsets.

And service options to suit you…

Service option

  • Remote only
  • Local and remote
  • Local, remote and cloud


  • Backups stored in a Maple datacentre within a dedicated customer tenancy
  • Backups stored locally in a customer location for fast, near-production restores with a second copy in a Maple datacentre for resiliency
  • Backups taken and stored locally; copy kept in a Maple datacentre with archive to the cloud for cost-effective backup storage

Book a backup health check with one of our experts today and ensure you have the coverage you need