Tech-dependence isn’t going away

Even before remote working looked set to continue, be it permanent or part time, technology dependence was at an all-time high. So, it’s more important than ever that your systems are highly performant, highly available and as secure as possible, so you can provide support and keep your organisation running.

The acceleration in transformation we’ve seen in recent months has encouraged IT teams to look beyond their usual boundaries and innovate. But, the need to “keep the lights on” is a constant balancing act.

Introducing Maple Care

We’ve heard from our customers that things like day-to-day monitoring, troubleshooting and addressing legacy system issues are holding them back from investigating and adopting new ways of doing things. Coupled with persistent pressure on budgets, it can feel like that innovation is a ‘nice to have’. With Maple Care, you can have it all, and we’ve called it Maple Care because we care fiercely about our customers.

Options to suit every organisation

We recognise that all organisations are different, so we’ve created five standard services with the flexibility to customise and chose from a catalogue of additional services that can be tailored. This means teams of any size can take advantage of the skills and capabilities included in Maple Care.

Our team become an extension of yours, supporting you in the areas you need it, from providing additional pair of (expert) eyes and on-demand assistance, to taking a proactive approach to identifying problems, to helping you extend the lifecycle of your assets. All this will deliver highly available, performant IT infrastructure across on-premises and public, private and hybrid clouds. And your team will be free to go beyond just the day-to-day.

Rapid on-boarding

You can be up and running in a few days as we won’t need months of professional services to get you ready

24×7 support

Take the pressure off your internal team and provide that extra coverage

Custom portal

Full access and transparency for you and your team on requests, incidents, and changes, as well as customisable reporting, which we’ll help you set up

Proactive upgrades

Don’t get left behind, let us take care of upgrades to ensure your systems are patched and up-to-date to protect against vulnerabilities

Escalation paths

Take advantage of our knowledge, experience and network of contacts within the key vendors in your infrastructure stack

Flexible deployment

Available as an add-on to other solutions we’re working on with you, or as a standalone service that moulds around your existing solutions and evolves with you

Competitive commercials

We can deliver all this in a commercially competitive way by leveraging both highly skilled technical consultants with backgrounds in multiple sectors and market leading AI-based toolsets.

We can also offer additional specialist services around backup , DR, security and ransomware.