Your network provides the most comprehensive and therefore useful point for organisation-wide visibility of all connected devices, from on-premises storage right through to IoT devices. But it’s also vulnerable by virtue of its vast number of connections.  

While visibility helps you understand your network and take preventative measures to protect it, unfortunately, it’s inevitable that the new breed of persistent, skilled, and motivated cyber criminals will find a way in at some point. Disguising network activity is almost impossible, so network data can help reveal otherwise hidden threats. This means consistent, intelligent network monitoring is needed to provide security analysts with critical information as early as possible to help them stop threats becoming breaches.  

Network detection and response

Network detection and response (NDR) solutions provide that real-time monitoring and an aerial view of all the endpoints and their interactions on your network, even over un-managed systems such as BYOD devices. They also collect and analyse data from across your entire network, including the rich metadata where hidden threats can be revealed. In doing so, NDR solutions help security analysts identify, triage and prioritise known and previously unknown threats. They also support a blend of automated and manual responses to prevent threats escalating into issues such as lateral movements, unauthorised access and data exfiltration. 

There are lots of NDR options available, with varying degrees of sophistication and cost, so it’s important to have an appreciation of the threat landscape in the context of your organisation and how the solution will contribute to your overall cyber security strategy. But understanding all the different possibilities and how to integrate them into your existing security operations can still be a challenge

The power of three

NDR is complementary to both endpoint detection and response (EDR) security information and event management (SIEM). SIEM is often seen as the ‘eyes and ears’ of your security operation. Some NDR solutions are standalone, but others require a SIEM to be in place. 

As one third of Gartner’s SOC (Security Operations Centre) visibility triad, NDR works with EDR and SIEM to significantly reduce the risk of attackers operating undetected inside your infrastructure.

Whether you have a SIEM already or are looking to implement one, NDR can be a simple addition.  

Maple’s security experts can work with your team to understand their requirements and existing solutions and suggest appropriate NDR solutions. We can then configure and deploy the solution for you to manage, or we can manage it for you. 

Network protection service

Maple offer a range of flexible security support services, including support for NDR solutions. This can be either standalone or as part of a wider SIEM or SOC service, depending on your existing solutions and your requirements.  

Whether you need 24x7x365 cover or just out-of-hours, our experts can become an extension of your team, working with you to protect your infrastructure.  

If you’d like to find out more about our service, or are just looking for some impartial advice on your current strategy, we’re always happy to help